Adding lyrics

Power Player supports both static and scrolling lyrics using the LRC format. They are displayed in Now Playing and Info. Scrolling lyrics will be displayed as static in Info.



Adding static lyrics

Power Player uses your iTunes / Apple Music library to display static lyrics. They can be added using iTunes on Windows and Music on Mac:



Adding scrolling lyrics

Scrolling lyrics can be added by using LRC files. These are plain text files containing timestamps on every line and are in the format []. Power Player allows millisecond timestamps to have any length of numbers or to be omitted all together. Additionally, placing multiple timestamps on one line is supported.


[00:00.00]I'm standing here
[00:02.50]In the middle of the street
[00:05.00]Watching cars passing by
[00:07.50]I don't know where I'm going
[00:10.00]Or what I'm supposed to do
[00:12.50]I'm lost in the city

[00:15.00][00:47.50]It's the gamble of the world
[00:19.00][00:51.50]Taking chances every day
[00:23.00][00:55.50]Trying to find my way
[00:27.00][00:59.50]In this crazy game we play


ID tags may appear before the lyrics (Wikipedia). Power Player recognizes the following tags:



Lyrics can be added and synced using iCloud. Upon first launch, Power Player will create a folder in iCloud Drive along with the “lyrics” subfolder. In order for Power Player to find the correct file, it looks for folders matching the artist name along with the file matching the song name with the lrc extension.


Scrolling lyrics on iPad,